(From Martha's graduation speech in "The Hero")

"Many of our men and women gave their lives in

this war so that their children might sit freely in

their class rooms without fear of their teacher

being snatched away by  "Storm Trooper" police.

As a graduating Teacher, I desire with my whole

heart to teach those students to have confidence

in the future, to value truth, to honor the rights

and feelings of others, and respect the laws of the

land and the sacredness of that which belongs

to others. I pray that God will help us to do that." 


The picture of the sunset that you see above was taken on Lake Champlain in Vermont and, I think, was one of God's little blessings that He sometimes adds to our lives. Finetta and I were at a restaurant for dinner and there were people out on the

deck, watching the beginnings of this beautiful sunset. I took my camera out and, in order to get the best color, I took a picture every two minutes. I saw that the picture I have here was the best color of the dozen that I had taken and went away very satisfied. It was not until we got home that I noticed that, only on this picture, one sailboat had drifted into the very center of the sun's "spotlight". I really feel that, perhaps, my picture was "choreographed by God".


I am a retired Chaplain. I began writing about 17 years ago, mainly because I felt that God wanted my retirement years to bless the world through writing books. I began by writing "feel good" short stories. I had hundreds of pages of notebook paper filled  with short stories. Then I wrote my first Novel. Then a sequel and another sequel. Then one Novella after another. I went for many years before even having a computer, but with nowhere to publish. Finally I discovered Createspace, a site that lets you do all of the work and then they print and distribute the books for an affordable fee. Within the last three years, after discovering Createspace, I have self published 28 books, which I will introduce to you shortly.




My writing came about in what I would call a serendipitous or even miraculous fashion. I was a Pastor for 14 years and a Chaplain for 21 years. During all of that time I preached once every week, sometimes twice. I always preached from an outline but never from a document, so I never saved anything for posterity. But the process did hone my creative powers to a great extent. About 17 years ago, I came across an audio book called "Angelspeake", which presented a unique kind of prayer process. The author called it "conversing with your Guardian Angel", but, to me it is just another way to talk with God, as is prayer. The unique thing about this, however, is that you write down your part of the conversation, listen to an inner voice, and write down the answer that you get to your question or statement. I was somewhat surprised but it actually works! The advantage of this kind of prayer process is that the answers are very clear and precise.

As a result of that experience, I have had 17 years of much clearer and more precise prayer time than ever before. When I first began this process, 17 years ago, God made it clear to me that He wanted me to write books and that these books "would bless many people". I liked that idea. Through this prayer process, I began to write short stories, poems, and essays - not really too different from sermons, except that I was now writing down every word. I did not have a computer so I wrote everything in long hand on loose leaf notebook paper. After about 11 years of writing, I had hundreds of pages of long hand writing and several hundred stories, poems, etc. God kept telling me that they would be published "some day". After so many years, I must say that I had my doubts, but God showed me, finally, that what He said was true.

About 6 years ago, my cousin called me, from another town, and started singing the praises of "the computer". I had no intentions of getting a computer "at my age"! But he won me over and I learned how to "do it". About that time I heard from a high school friend that I had not talked to in over 50 years. He found my email address somewhere and sent me this message, "Hi Don. I don't know where I got this or why I am sending it to you, but here it is!" It was a link to a site called "Helium". I did not know it at the time but it turned out to be the beginning of my publishing process. It was a writing site in which you would post a short story, poem, or other short piece of writing and overnight it would be read and graded by people all over the world. It was a wonderful motivation because, you might write a short story, say about a young couple in high school. It would be put in competition with other similar stories and the next morning you would see your "grade" and it might be rated number 3 out of 30 other like stories, maybe even number 1. So, I busied myself typing up all of the material that I already had in long hand and posting it to be graded. At the end of two years I had literally hundreds of individual items in edited form. Then, when everything I had written thus far had been put in edited form, I heard about Createspace, a site that allows you to copy and paste your book into their formatted template. This template automatically sets margins, page numbers, etc., and then they print the book and place it on Amazon for a very affordable price. When I discovered Createspace, I systematically began to gather my short stories and other items into books. In the mean time I had been asked to give a devotional in my Sunday School department. It went over so well that they began to ask me to do one every other Sunday. When I had collected 40 such devotionals, I published them as "My Best To You Each Morning". That started a series that, thus far has bloomed into 4 devotional books. So, in the past 5 years, I have self published 43 books. That is what I have presented to you today! Thank you for "stopping by"!

I am happily married to Finetta, my wife of 59 years. We have two sons, Dean, who lives in Miami, and Kim, who lives in
August, Ga. My primary activities are writing, Church activities, which includes playing trombone in the Church Orchestra, and volunteering, with my wife, in a local Hospice. In the recent past I have enjoyed wood work (I made the boat in the picture), fishing, and radio controlled model airplanes.

Welcome to my world of Novels, Novellas, Short Stories, Poems, Devotionals, Essays, and Remembrances. Enjoy!

Let's  Get  Acquainted


If you like stories that pick you up, similar to "Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies", then you have come to the right place. If violence and mayhem

is your "cup of tea", you might need to look elsewhere. Remember the cowboy movies where

the bad guys wore black hats and the good guys wore white hats. The white hats always won? 

Same here!