This is a sequel novel that begins where my first novel, "A Message For All Time" ends. The first novel is about an adventure that a mother and son takes from London to Jamaica to deliver a message found in a bottle from three dying sailors. One of the sailors was the brother of a college professor in Jamaica and the adventure leads to romance for the mother and the son. This sequel novel continues their adventure in Jamaica. It is a "feel good" novel, as was the novel that it follows.

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Synopsis: A young man finds an old sealed bottle while fishing. He and his mother read a message, written by a sailor whose ship was sunk in 1942. Richard and his mother, Gloria, who live in London in 1954, are challenged to share this heart felt message, about three dying young men, with their surviving loved ones. Their search takes them on an adventure that changes their lives forever!

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This is the story of a young man who comes back from World War II

as a hero but does not feel that he deserves to be a hero. Having

worked in a hospital, he knows of the poor quality of medical help

given to poor people and sets out to dedicate his life to doing what

he can do to remedy the situation. This is a "feel good" Novella of

romance, family, and personal dedication to an all consuming


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This is a Novel about the courageous women Pilots of England in World War II who flew

combat airplanes from the factories to the men who flew them in combat.  They flew small planes like Spitfire fighter planes to large four engine B-17 Bombers. This is about their lives, their loves, and their longings. This book, along with all of the others, can be found at the Createspace link below the description, but it can also  be found at Amazon Books if you type

in my name, Donald C. Hancock.      

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This is a Christian Romance Novella. It is about two neighbors, houses next to each other. A 30 year old single woman next to a 34 year old widower with a 12 year old son. They have lived next to each other for 2 years with hardly a hello between but an unexpected event, a ham radio, and a Castle in Germany, play their parts in creating a very interesting romance.

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This is the third Novel of a trilogy that  began when a young British boy found a message in a bottle in 1954 that was written by a dying sailor whose ship was sunk in 1942. The boy and his mother were lead into an adventure that took them thousands of miles to the Island of Jamaica, where they found a whole new life of love and challenge.

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During the closing months of World War II, England was

bombarded by hundreds of V-1 flying bombs.A young Spitfire

Fighter Pilot, attempting to counter these bombs, brings mystery,

love, and romance  into the area called the White Cliffs of Dover.

There is a mystery about the pilot and his brother that will change

the whole nature of the story and make for a Royal celebration.

We hope that you have a fondness for stories from World War II.

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This is a historical novella which starts out with the request of a

dying man in World War I, the caretaker of General Pershing's horse,

Kidron, to deliver a very special ring to the man's wife after the war.

This request spreads as an obligation over several generations but

it generates great happiness for one couple in the process.  A young

man who is several generations away from the original request, takes

up the  quest and finds love and adventure in the doing.
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​​​​​​​A Lesson From History tells the story of a couple who were in love in high

school - he goes to the Army and she goes to college. When they return,

their love renews but their future is effected by a letter written in 1909

by the young man's great, great grandfather, found glued to the bottom

of a drawer in a desk that had been in the family for generations.

It is a "feel good" romance novella.


This is the third book of a Christian Romance Novella trilogy about young Rob Penny and his life "on the outside" of prison. You will enjoy seeing how God uses he and his wife in so many ways to help the men that he had come to know through his prison experience.

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This is the second Novella about young Rob Penny and it picks up his life after he is released from prison and shows how God uses him not only to lead a fully rehabilitated life but to spread his influence in unexpected ways. It is the picture of a happy and productive life. It will make you glad that you began this journey with Rob and his new wife.

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This is the second book which continues the story of two families, living as "Next Door Neighbors" who fell in love and became a blended family, Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter and who, in this second Novella continue to discover and follow the will of God in their lives. It is definitely a "feel good book" that you can share with friends and familyType your paragraph here.

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This is the story of a young man and a young woman who meet and fall in love almost immediately. Was their love "made in Heaven"? The young man's Grandmother believes their meeting was set up by the Universe - her name for God. The young man seeks the answer as he follows the path that his love creates for him.

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This is the story of a thoroughly spoiled young man who is sent to prison for DUI vehicle homicide and finds his life totally turned around by God, working through the visits of a wise, Godly Grandmother and her Granddaughter. A beautiful romance develops and his whole new life is in front of him. A "Feel good" Novella. It is the first book of a Trilogy of Novellas about the life of this young man named "Penny".

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This Novella begins in London when a young man sees a little boy and his

dog, right in the middle of the busiest part of the city and there is no adult

anywhere​ in sight. He begins to talk with the boy and finds that he is a

runaway. He buys the boy lunch and gets him back to his family.  The

family is very grateful but at the same time in need of his help. They

offer him a job as a Male Nanny to the boy and House Administrator and

Cook for the Mother, who is moving from London to Hollywood, USA, to

head a new Television Studio there. He takes the job and adventure begins!
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This is the story of an orphan baby, left on a couple's door step by a mother who knows she is dying. It tells of the challenges, the loves, and the accomplishments of this baby who becomes a man. It is set in London in the 20's, 30's, and 40's - the Battle for Britain and after.

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This is a love story but also a story that is concerned with

developing a program through which veterans can contact the

families of their Buddies who died in the line of duty and give them

information and comfort.  It is a "feel good" love Novella that will

also give you a few laughs along the way.

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