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This is a collection of stories, poems, and essays similar to A Variety of Gems, I and II. It's unique difference is that it is made up of the "left overs" - pieces that have not been published in the 27 other books that I have written so far. It does not mean that they are not just as good as the other material. They are just the "late bloomers"!

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This is the author's life story from childhood and is called Our Days because it includes the author's wife's story from the day he met her,  56 years ago, and it also includes his children.

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This is the author's fond looking back over his childhood during the 30'sm 40's, and 50's. He talks about games, schools, entertainment, social conditions, and many other everyday things that he grew up with. It was a time when money was a scarce commodity and children and parents had to use their imagination to come up with inexpensive pastimes.

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These  Are  Books  That  Just  Don't  Fit  Any  Category

This is a Novella and can be read, usually in one sitting. It is the story of the author's  Mother's long search for happiness through six marriages. It is written from the experience of the Mother's son, who was there through it all. We feel that you will be pleased with the outcome.
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This book is a labor of love. It is about the trials and joys of individuals, both men and women, who are living the gay/lesbian life style. It focuses especially on those who are living with HIV/AIDS.  
While all of the stories are fictional, they are based on interviews made by the author, who is a volunteer hospice chaplain, with several homosexual individuals that he has known over the years as he has worked with hospice.  It is written for the purpose of encouraging and honoring these individuals and also with the hope of fostering understanding and communication between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

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This book describes the author's alternative method of writing creative stories and poetry. He calls it "writing with his 'Muses'. That is not a new concept but it works in a very efficient and novel way with him. He would like to share it with you. 

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